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Flying high with the falconer at Cardiff rubbish tip

Amy Willis looks into how protecting Cardiff’s landfill sites has become a soaring success with a trip to meet the falconer at Lamby Way.

From fireworks to gas canons there are a whole range of ways landfill sites attempt to fend off vermin. But at one rubbish tip in Cardiff a falconer and his birds are proving their worth in the battle against vermin and disease.

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Ringers know their ropes

By Amy Willis, Hwyl Magazine

Mars has relaunched the “work, rest, play” slogan with a new advert featuring four monks bell ringing. But what is bell ringing really about and can people really end up being dragged up the ropes if they pull to hard? Amy Willis went to a session at Llandaff Cathedral in search of the facts.

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The men behind the voices

As Cardiff youngsters prepare for this year’s Texaco Young Musician of Wales final in two weeks, Côr Meibion De Cymru (COR) – the South Wales Male Voice Choir – are practicing for their role in the event. Amy Willis joined them at a practice session to meet some of the men behind the voices.

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From caddy to compost

This post has been launched using blogger as WordPress unfortunately does not accept the multimedia required for this post.

The link is here

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