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Harmless fun or a waste of time?

I’ve seen Twitter used for a number of things… news updates, stalking celebrities… but psycic Twittering now?  That is exactly what blogger and avid Twitterer Richard Wiseman has teamed up with New Scientist to do. Wiseman will travel to different locations around the UK and send a Twitter post for fellow Twitterers to use their ‘psychic ability’ to determine what kind of place he is at.

Screen grab of Wiseman's Twitter page

Screen grab of Wiseman's Twitter page

Today was the test run. He posted the message below on his twitter page at 3pm today and gave fellow twitterers 20 mins to post their guesses or psychic answers on his twitter experiment page.

OK, at target location NOW. Post the thoughts, feelings, impressions, and images in your mind. You have 20 mins. Everyone GO!”

The answer was near a river. Realistically though, call me a skeptic but is this not a complete waste of time? He could just copy and paste the same message each day without even bothering to go to the location. Upload a photo and say he was there and no-one would know the difference. Maybe that is the real test – to see how many Twitterers will be foolishly drawn to his Twitter page to use their so-called ‘psychic abilities’.

But on the other hand even though my head tells me it is ridiculous, there is a real urge to give it a go. I mean after all it is only a bit of fun I suppose, and maybe deep down I want to guess because secretly I’m thinking, maybe by some weird coincidence I will get it right.

Click here for Wiseman’s blog.


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