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Danielle Bux bans WAGs from her wedding to Gary Lineker

Apr 13 2009 by Amy Willis, Western Mail

WELSH model Danielle Bux has banned footballers’ wives and girlfriends from her wedding.

The 29-year-old lingerie model, who will appear on reality TV show Hell’s Kitchen tonight, is set to marry former footballer Gary Lineker in Italy, this year.

She said: “There will definitely be no football theme – it’s not really my thing. There’ll be a couple of ex-footballers but no current ones.”

The former air stewardess, from Cardiff, has already had to postpone the marriage, originally set for August, because of her commitments to the new series of Hell’s Kitchen.

“It has been put on the back burner – there’s too much going on. I can’t begin to think about it with Hell’s Kitchen going on.

“We’re both so busy. Gary has Match of the Day and Walkers ads as well, so we’ve moved the wedding from summer to later in the year.

“It’s definitely still this year though – I don’t want to wait too long,” she said.

Danielle, who has a seven-year-old daughter and lives with Lineker and his four children in a six-bedroom mansion, says her priorities are with her family rather than shopping.

She said: “I’m definitely not a Wag. I don’t fit into that. I don’t really live the lifestyle – a lax sort of life, shopping every day. I’ve got my kids and that’s my priority.

“But I don’t know the Wags so I’m not going to judge them.”


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