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Bedbugs in Cardiff hotels

By Amy Willis, Cardiff Evening News

A CARDIFF hotel has an infestation of blood-sucking bedbugs, it emerged today.

Cardiff council have refused to name the hotel but a record of complaints in 2008 has confirmed one of Cardiff’s hotels has been hit been this irritating little pest.

Bedbug numbers drastically reduced following the second half of the 20th century but these days more transient lifestyles mean numbers have been creeping up.



David New, a spokesperson for Bed Bugs Limited, said he is not surprised to hear bedbugs have been found in Cardiff as numbers have been increasing all over the country.

“In London bed bug numbers have trebled over the last two years. The numbers are increasing at an alarming rate,” he said.

Victims of bedbug infestations often have itching white pimples on their skin that can turn into blistering, fluid-filled pustules. Symptoms continue until the bedbugs have been eradicated.

Mr New highlights the importance of getting professional help as soon as bedbugs are found.

“The insecticides you buy in the shops don’t work. Most councils offer a pest control service but normally you have to pay,” he said.

Mr New says up to 60 per cent of people do not display symptoms. This can cause problems stopping the spread of the parasite.

He said: “At one hotel, they kept treating the problem but every few months the bedbugs kept coming back. They couldn’t understand why until they realised one staff member, who didn’t have symptoms, had unknowingly been bringing them back into the building.

“Bed bugs do not discriminate and they do not just live in beds. They hide in cracks in the wall, in people’s sofas, under the wallpaper – they will live anywhere as long as there is something to eat.”


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