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Teenager punched man so hard it made his teeth chatter

A TEENAGER was jailed at Cardiff Crown Court today for 54 weeks after punching a man so hard it made his teeth chatter and repeatedly thumping another man until his jaw broke.

Paul Stephens, 19, of Ty Gwyn Road, Pontypool, punched Adam Morgan, an old school friend, at 6.30pm on February 22 last year outside a happy shopper store in a completely unprovoked attack. Mr Morgan was talking on his mobile phone when Stephens approached him and punched him in the face. Mr Morgan was left with a fractured cheek and damage to his nerves which could be permanent, doctors have warned.

While on bail for the first offence, Stephens violently assaulted a second man, William Hope, on July 22 outside The Globe, Albany Road, Cardiff, after his 13-year-old brother stuck two fingers up at him. Stephens struck Mr Hope three times as he tried to apologise for his brother’s behaviour. Stephen’s knocked Mr Hope with such force Mr Hope fell to his knees. He had to be admitted to hospital with a fractured cheek.

The court heard that a witness later came forward after Stephens boasted about the attacks.

For the defence, Mr Hugh Wallace said it had not been easy for Stephens as his Dad is serving a life sentence and Stephens family had been targeted in the community.

Stephens had been cautioned for his violent behaviour before for smashing his friend’s head through a window. The case never went to court as they made-up and his friend did not press charges.

Sentencing, Judge William Gaskell said: “The problems that you have with living with your fathers criminal history will be taken into account.

“But the case against you was overwhelming.  It was a wholly unprovoked and gratuitous offence of bullying violence.

“The man was there and you just hit him.”


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