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Bees at risk

By Amy Willis, Cardiff Evening News

Cardiff honeybees are at threat more than ever from bee viruses after this winter’s wet Welsh weather, the bee inspectorate has warned.

Local beekeepers are being told to be extra vigilant. If dead bees are spotted, beekeepers are encouraging to check for the Nosema parasite and Varroa mite using a microscope.

Honey bee taken by Auton (link below)

Honey bee taken by Auton (click to link)If not treated, Varroa mites can cause bee deformities and certain death. The mite came to England in the 1980s from Chinese bees.

The Nosema parasite is more difficult to spot. It multiplies in hive cells and if there is a major outbreak, brown diarrhea spots can be seen on the exterior of the hive. Nosema can cause the death of a whole colony.

There is particular concern for rogue beekeepers who may not be aware of the signs of these diseases. Beekeepers who are not members of a bee association are being encouraged to have their hives inspected to stop the diseases spreading. At the moment, there are no legal obligations for beekeepers to be inspected and anyone could start up a hive in their garden.

John King, chairman of Cardiff and South East Wales beekeepers association, said: “The message we have to get across is for all bee keepers, who are not members of associations, is to get their hives inspected to ensure they do not have disease. This is something that is free to do.”

“As associations, we pass on the names of new bee keepers to the inspector so all our members bees are inspected.”


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