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School bus dispute

TWO school bus companies could lose their contracts with Cardiff council over a five-year dispute with residents who say the situation is an “accident waiting to happen”.

Residents who live opposite the Bishop of Llandaff School on Fairwater Road, Llandaff, have been campaigning against buses from Wheadons and Watts coach companies blocking driveways and causing huge traffic tailbacks by parking for an hour earlier than necessary on one side of the small road.

Resident’s have also complained about engines being left running for the duration while the buses wait.

A spokesman for Cardiff Transport for Schools said both companies had been informed since the complaint was brought to their attention earlier today and confirmed if the driver’s do not obey the rules their contracts could be revoked.

Reverend Chris Holland, headmaster of the Bishop of Llandaff School, said: “We are dealing with the problem very seriously. We have complained to the LEA and they are in the process of writing letters to the bus companies. I hope it will get resolved next week.

“Whenever we find buses there too early I personally go outside to tell them to tell the drivers to move.  I have done that a few times but obviously I can’t do this all the time.

“With regards to the safety issue, about three years ago we had a problem but this was resolved by adding speed bumps and zebra crossings.”

Carol Watts, company secretary at Watts Coaches, said: “The drivers should not be arriving any earlier than 2.30pm and we would be very cross if they were.”

“Our drivers would be severely reprimanded if they left their engines running as this would damage the engines.”

No one was available to comment at Wheadons Coach company.


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