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TV review

Snog Marry Avoid, 8.30pm, BBC three

FASHION programmes usually involve make-overs but Snog Marry Avoid, an extreme fashion programme that verges on the obscene, is about make-unders.

Mickayla is addicted to nakedness.

“The more naked the more better,” she says while applying a second set of false eyelashes and a thick layer of glitter eye shadow.

“I love the naked body so why not go out half naked,” she explains as she blow-dried her eyebrows.

In the first episode of this scandalous series, Mickayla, 19, from London, flashes a blue-feathered bikini and sprays her body with glitter before gyrating around the dance floor of her local nightclub. For her, this is a typical night out.

But presenter, Jenny Frost, and POD, a silly pretend AI computer, tell Mickayla her drag queen, “naked chicken drumstick” look is making 95 per cent of men avoid her. She needs a make-under they joyfully conclude, and poor Mickayla is forced to wear a hideous green-shorts and leggings combo.

Next up is WAG-queen, Chantelle Houghton, a former Celebrity Big Brother starlet. Chantelle confesses applying at least three layers of make-up before going out, wearing copious amounts of fake-tan and having implants in both her face and breasts.

Jenny Frost says her fake breasts look like someone’s bottom and you can not help but keep this image in your head for the continuation of Chantelle’s appearance on the show.

In a schadenfraude kind of way, it is satisfying to hear POD tell her she “needs to go on a rehab program for slap addicts” as men expect her to steal their wallets rather than their hearts. Again the show’s make-under is appalling and the new hairstyle they promise is merely a hat and a wig
The show is a trashy series designed for shock entertainment. It achieves this indefinitely.

As a programme, it is useless in terms of fashion advice. It would have been much better as a one-off documentary to see extreme views on what some people think looks good.


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