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Tesco distress

THE NEWS Cardiff is getting its 18th Tesco store does not fall on welcome ears.

Wellfield Road, in Roath, has become home to yet another Tesco Express no less than 400 yards from its identical sister store down the road- the fourth store in an 800 yard radius.Not surprisingly, some local residents and businesses are worried Cardiff could become yet another “Tesco town” with local business shrivelling away into non-existence and insignificance

The money Tesco makes is not being invested into the area. At Christmas, while other businesses poured money into the Roath Christmas light fund, Tesco did nothing to contribute and ignored requests from local residents.

Money spent at Tesco simply gets flung into the obis that is the central Tesco piggy bank. The only legacy it leaves is a barrage of rubbish, mess and empty crates left scattered on our streets.

With 24 million square feet of sales space throughout the UK, Tesco pockets £1 in every £7 spent by shoppers and has a 31.2 per cent share of the grocery market. Local businesses are left shell-shocked and grasping for what little customers they have left.  Is this the way to treat a community?

They say you are no more than five metres away from a rat but in Cardiff it is getting to the stage where the same can be said about Tesco stores.
Enough is enough. We urge readers to consider the future of their city and think before they buy their weekly groceries.

If we want to keep our local spirit and remain self-sufficient as a community, it is essential our money is invested in local businesses rather than these corporate giants.


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