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Cardiff student first in Wales to get judo black belt through school system

A CARDIFF student is the first person in Wales to achieve a black belt in Judo through the school system.

Joe Troughton, 17, beat five black-belt opponents through ipon strikes (knock-outs) in the Welsh National Judo Championships in December last year and was awarded a black belt for his achievement.

Mr Troughton started training at the Cathedral school in Llandaff in September 2000 with independent coach Steve Withers.

Mr Withers said: “Joe has managed to achieve this before he has even started shaving and five months before his 18th birthday.

“It was a fantastic achievement especially as the men he beat were all heavier, older and a higher grade than Joe.”

Mr Withers said there are a number of other promising young pupils including 14-year-old Edward Pearce who has just achieved his brown belt with the school.

Since gaining his black belt Mr Troughton has started training with adults at the Cardiff Central Youth Club as there is no longer anyone good enough to match his talent at the school.

The judo club at the Cardiff Youth Centre train on Wednesday and Friday evenings. For more details contact Kirsty Macentee on


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