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Costing the Earth: Totally Uncool, Radio Four

By Amy Willis, Cardiff Evening News

Costing the Earth: Totally Uncool, Radio Four, 1.30pm- 2pm, Feb 5
THE RHYTHMIC hum of an air conditioning unit is a typical background noise in most office environments, but as Tom Heap investigates, this gentle drone is becoming a stealth weapon of mass destruction for the climate.

He reveals one canister of hydrofluorocarbon gases (HFCs), used to cool the water in air conditioning systems, generates the same amount of carbon as 10 years driving a car. The alternative is natural gases as found in domestic fridges but due to American industry these are proving difficult to implement.

Supermarket chiller cabinets also pose a depressing thought as an Asda spokesman explains how supermarkets could add chiller cabinet doors but choose not to as it becomes a purchase hurdle for consumers.

The programme highlights a chilling point. That gentle drone could be a ticking clock in terms of global warming and it is only now being brought to our attention.

Material World, Radio Four, 4.30pm- 4.45pm, Feb 5
The quest to launch a hotair balloon with a telescope strapped to it by two brothers, one a scientist and the other a filmmaker, made the potential of this programme rather promising if not slightly amusing.

But although the brothers, Mark and Paul Devlin, tried hard to promote both the research, funded partly by Cardiff University, and the documentary, they could not reveal too much on the programme making the listening a little dull.

Research from the project will be released soon. At this point we might be able to get a little more excited as an insight into how the galaxy is comprised and how stars are born is anticipated. The documentary Blast! will be released on dvd in the next few weeks.


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