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A long awaited reunion

A SOUTH Wales woman who moved away from Wales after her mother’s death more than 10 years ago, has been reunited with friends from her childhood.

Toni Saint, 34, who now lives in London, grew up on Dobbins Road, Barry, and used to play in the adjoining garden of her neighbours’ Phil and Charlette  Middletame as a child.

Ms Saint’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in the mid 1990s. Mr and Mrs Middletame were supportive of Ms Saint and her family throughout the illness, but when her mother in died in 1995 Ms Saint moved away from Wales and lost contact.

Following an advert in a Cardiff newspaper, Ms Saint received an email from the couple, now in their 50s, which said they were still living in the area and were keen to arrange a reunion.

Ms Saint, who now works in sales, plans to come back to Barry at Easter to see Mr and Mrs Middletame and catch up on the time they have missed.


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