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Snow leaves businesses out in the cold

CARDIFF children were delighted to hear schools were closed today, but as they played in the snow local businesses and transport links suffered a big freeze.

Cardiff children throwing snowballs

Cardiff children throwing snowballs

More than three inches of snow meant Cardiff City Centre was left empty as shoppers chose to stay indoors rather than brave the cold weather outside.

Those most affected were local traders in the covered market. Alan Griffiths, 56, of A.W.Griffiths Butchers, said: “If the pavements stay bad like this we will be down 50 per cent today. The elderly people are our biggest customers and in these times as they panic buy. If it carries on all week we will lose thousands of pounds.”

Footlocker in Queens Arcade was closed all day and other chain stores, such as WH Smiths and Boots reported a quieter day than usual.

Stores were short staffed due to transport problems with rural roads. Katie Baldwin, 21, a sales assistant at Starbucks, said: “One of the staff couldn’t get in for two hours because they lived near Newport, but I had a lift to work so I was okay.”

One woman, Anna Constantino, 43, a salsa teacher and owner of Constantino hair salon, abandoned her car to walk up the hill on her way home yesterday and today people had cancelled appointments in the salon due to bad weather.

Elsewhere, Cardiff International Airport closed for nearly an hour between 10am and 11.30am meaning flights had minor delays throughout the day and train services to London Paddington had a limited service.

Train services within Wales were unaffected much to the relief of one commuter, Hayley Paultyn, 17, from Swansea who had a job interview in Cardiff City Centre.

Kumar Loganathan, 34, a senior web analyst commuting to Cardiff from Newport, said: “It is really slippery and it is definitely taking longer than usual.”

A spokeswoman for First Great Western said: “Travellers must be aware and check travel arrangements in advance.”

On the roads, South Wales Police said there had been a lot of minor accidents. One commuter, Duncan Bloy, 60, of Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, had a minor incident when a BMW came sliding towards him on a slip road. Mr Bloy praised the emergency services as he said they had responded very quickly.

by Amy Willis and Hannah Waldram


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