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News Mapping- the next big thing?

I find the concept of Murmur and psycogeography fascinating. It combines human interest and creativity in a multimedia narrative.

Some news sites are already playing around with the concept. This technology can be seen on Reuters and a nifty site called

I would like to see more media companies making more use of this tool. It would be brilliant if news events were plotted on an interactive news map on a regular basis. It would put more emphasis on local news and local issues. The public will be able to locate the news stories which have the closest proximity to themselves, friends and family.

The internet has already enabled the public to tailor their news. This feature could enhance it further. It would also give the reader a 3D image of issues in their area, around the country and also around the world.

But it has yet to take off fully, mainly because all good ideas need time to establish themselves. But watch this space, I think this could be the next step in multimedia journalism.


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