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Money Matters

As a trainee newspaper journalist, media convergence is great. It means I can use a variety of media platforms and it gives me broader scope. Yet, as an economic recession looms, can convergence become a double-edged sword?

With advertising budgets being slashed in fear of the credit crunch, there may be a danger that Managing Editors and Publishers may see ‘multi-skilled journalism’ as a cost-cutting euphemism. Let’s not fall into the scape-goat trap. It would be foolish to deny media convergence in favour of ignorance. In implementing a multimedia environment, we are keeping ahead of the game, not digging our career graves.

Have ‘citizen journalists’ become our competitors? No, it would be a contradiction to our values to want these people silenced. Journalists are here to aid democracy and represent the public. It is our responsibility to investigate further, to find the truth, and filter the crap. That is our USP.

Multimedia reporting gives us more opportunities. We can now reach a wider audience and this means more potential for advertisers (like it or not but free and impartial journalism needs a budget). Yes we are approaching a recession, but media convergence is keeping our heads above water, not dragging us down.

So to those in fear, don’t worry. We just need to maintain our core values. I don’t think we have fully unlocked all the digital doors and we may find some hidden treasure.


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